Hello and welcome to my web site.  I have been working as a Family Physician in Florida since 1980, Board Certified in 1982 and every 6 years since after completing Residency at Fla. Hospital Orlando. With a passion for teaching self care and food as medicine, I integrated a holistic approach with a full modern medical-surgical office for whole families in Venice for 25 yrs.

In 2005 I was so stressed with managing a solo office with 4-5 employees, insurance billing, rent doubling, traffic pollution on US41 that I suffered chronic debilitating pain, insomnia, obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance,fatigue and depression. I realized that I had set the table for cancer by seriously impairing my ability to heal. Unable to sell the successful business, I gave away the equipment to a new free clinic and moved my work to a peaceful home office overlooking my  kitchen garden. Here I consult with people who want to find the cause of their illness and heal without drugs or surgery, by self care and responsibility. In order to have the necessary time and focus to teach self care  and make the work affordable, I do not employ clerks to bill insurance. Patients pay me by the hour for better value than 4 minutes of local corporate physician time.Sometimes we agree on barter. Please call for an individual or family appointment.I am glad to make house calls if you are unable to get to my office where I prefer to do exams and dispense plant based medicines and teas.Since moving my work to this beautiful place, removing 1st gluten then all grains from my food, biking, swimming, and weight training daily, calming my mind, my health has improved. I lost about 15 lbs, healed the blood pressure and diabetes and am sleeping much better being less angry and anxious. I love my work and am thrilled that patients who make changes and assume responsibility for their health all feel better and most are able to stop taking drugs.

  For over 30 years I have pursued plant based medical education with herbalists, MD's and naturopaths to help myself and patients improve our nutrition and well being by optimizing digestion, immune function and resilience. No drugs can do this work. Most problems with mood, energy, strength, chronic pain, indigestion, and sleep respond to changing foods and chemical exposures, improving fitness and emotional freedom. Several years ago, I took a course in toxicology, learning how we are exposed to disease- causing chemicals in our homes, food, skin care products, and work. I learned how to avoid exposure, help the body detox and began making my own healthy soap, lotions, salves, deodorant and medicinal creams to avoid contaminated hormone disrupting commercial products. These organic easy home made products are available for sale at the office. I love to teach classes in making them in my kitchen. Organic therapeutic custom herbal teas and adaptogen powders are available in my office for interested patients. I can order toxic exposure testing, genetic mutation detection and food antibody testing for the causes of autoimmune disorders. Medicare will pay for tests and referrals I order for Medicare patients.

Now I am excited to be learning Functional Medicine, a field of  research based on understanding the physiology and biochemistry of achieving optimal cell function in every integrated body system. Current modern medicine for the past 100 years is based on disease diagnosis and treatment protocols based on symptoms.This cannot heal the epidemic of chronic diseases caused by our lifestyles. Information gained in the Human Genome and Microbiome projects in the last 10 years can help us learn what we need to be well and that everything we do, say, eat, touch and breathe affects our genetic expression and our resident bacteria.

A few years ago I read in the local paper that a high percentage of school children in Englewood are eligible for federal lunch subsidy and may come from homeless families with food insecurity. It upset me so much that kids in my town may be hungry that I have been buying  backpacks and nutritious food for St David's Episcopal Church program to send food home with these children on weekends. Every Monday I buy a case of bananas and bags of apples at Save a Lot nearby to stock the church food pantry Jubilee Center (also serves as cold weather shelter for 12 homeless locals in winter).If you care about hungry neighbors in Englewood, please bring food to my office  or to St David's at 401 S. Broadway( behind Englewood Richards) on Monday-Thurs mornings 10 AM. They currently give poor families of those who have lost jobs or work for less than livable wages, a small box of food weekly.This usually means day old pastries from Publix, pnut butter, noodles and other diabetogenic food. The poor deserve fresh fruit and vegetables and not corporate sugar feed to make them sick and dependent on our taxes for medical care.

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