Hello and welcome to my web site.  I have been working as a Family Physician in Florida since 1980, Board Certified in 1982 and every 6 years since after completing Residency at Fla. Hospital Orlando . With a passion for teaching  self care and food as medicine, I integrated complementary medicine with full modern medical-surgical office patient care for whole families in Venice. In 2005 I gave away the office to a free clinic and moved my work to a peaceful home office overlooking my  kitchen garden to consult with people who want to find the cause of their illness and heal without drugs or surgery. In order to have the necessary time and focus to teach self care and awareness, I do not employ clerks to bill insurance that limits this opportunity.  Patients pay me by the hour. Sometimes we agree on barter. Please call for an individual or family appointment.I am glad to make house calls if you are unable to get to my office where I prefer to do exams and dispense medicinal teas and herbal extracts.

  For 30 years I have attended herbal medicine conferences with herbalists, MD's and naturopaths to learn plant medicine to improve nutrition and well being by optimizing digestion, immune function and resilience. We have no drugs to do this work. Most problems with mood, energy, strength, chronic pain, indigestion, and sleep respond to changing foods and chemical exposures, improving fitness and emotional freedom. Traditional medicinal herbs may promote healing.

Several years ago, I took a course in toxicology, learning how we are exposed to disease- causing chemicals in our homes, food, skin care products, and work. I learned  how to avoid exposure, help the body detox and  began making my own healthy clean organic soap, lotions, salves, deodorant and medicinal creams to avoid expensive or contaminated commercial products. These organic easy home made products are available for sale at the office as well as classes in making them in my kitchen. Organic therapeutic custom herbal teas are available in my office for interested patients. Toxic exposure testing from Genova and food antibody testing for autoimmune disorders are available here.

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